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Do you suffer from Panuveitis, or are worried about this eye disease? Panuveitis is a medical condition which causes eye inflammation. It is listed as a rare disease by the National Institutes of Health, which suggests that around 200,000 individuals in the US are affected by Panuveitis, or a subtype of Panuveitis.

What is Panuveitis? In order to identify Panuveitis, it is vital to know more about Uvea, which is a pigmented middle coat of the eyeball combining: the iris, which is to the eye what shutter in to a camera, allowing the right amount of light into the eye; the choroid, an inner lining of the eyeball; and the ciliary body, which is a group of muscles in the eye. 

The uvea is critical, as its arteries and veins carry blood to various parts of the eye that are decisive for vision. Uveitis is a swelling anywhere inside the uveal tract or the uvea. Uveitis is of various kinds, based on whichever section of the eye the disease affects. Inflammation of the iris or the ciliary body as well as the iris causes anterior uveitis, and is found in most people suffering from this eye disease. When both the region behind the ciliary body, as well as the retina are affected, it is called Intermediate uveitis. Posterior uveitis is caused when there is swelling in the back of the eye, the choroids, and the retina. 

Here we are discussing Panuveitis uveitis, which is caused when the whole uveal tract is affected by uveitis. In fact when you suffer from Panuveitis, there is inflammation in both the frontal and subsequent section of the uvea and no definite focus is visible. One may not realize, but this eye inflammation can be a serious and widespread with a THREAT to Vision. 

As with other kinds of uveitis, the cause of panuveitis is frequently not known. The reasons for developing this eye disease may include malignancies or systemic diseases like sarcoidosis, syphilis and tuberculosis, infection and autoimmune disorders. It is possible for the eye inflammation due to Panuveitis to be severe but short term; on the other hand it can also be persistent and continuous. There are a number of Panuveitis symptoms, to help you diagnose the eye disease. 

Remember, Panuveitis is a serious eye disease and if you don’t treat it in time, it can lead to significant damage to your eyesight. It is imperative to control the extent as well as the severity of the eye inflammation to circumvent scarring. Even a little neglect can lead to irreparable vision impairment so early detection and action are important. 

Panuveitis symptoms typically include: 

Painful eyes

Visual interruption

Diminished vision

Blurred vision

Light Sensitivity

Seeing spots

Redness of eyes 

Panuveitis has the tendency to spread very fast. In case you are suffering from any or several of Panuveitis symptoms, it is essential that you consult an eye doctor for an all-inclusive eye check up. Your eyesight is in your hands!

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